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  • Insider data theft has evolved
    From disks, email and web to new covert channels
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  • There are new ways to steal data
    New techniques let insiders easily take data, even from air gapped systems
    Covert Data Transfer Exploits
  • Protection Is Available
    Traditional and Covert Channel DLP
    Components Of DLP

Covert Channel DLP

Protection for the latest data leakage vulnerabilities.

Determined insiders have found new ways around Traditional DLP to take data undetected. Stop them from taking your data.

Security Analytics

Identify sophisticated internal and external threats.

Model activity in your organisations systems and network to identify unusual behaviour. Powerful machine learning detects APTs, fraud and insider collusion can be detected.

Security Design & Integration

Our experts can design security into your environment. We review businesses operations, identify vulnerabilities and come up with the best way to add protection, minimising cost and intrusiveness.

Difficult to solve IT security problems are met with innovative and practical solutions. We help design your procedures and environment to protect your systems & data assets. We are on hand to help integrate our security products, deploying and configuring systems and infrastructure.

Vulnerability Focussed

Our protections are specifically targeted at data leak vulnerabilities that other platforms don't cover.

Cutting Edge Leak Protection

We work with security researchers & hackers to secure against the latest ex-filtration techniques.

Easy Integration

Fast install & roll-out for instant protection. Smooth integration with your existing SIEM / security logging tools like Splunk.

Policy Control

Comes with pre-configured but customisable Options to control detection, notification, escalation and taking protective action.

Identify Rogue Insiders

By correlating many data points we can focus investigation onto insiders behaving unusually.

Sophisticated Threat Detection

Identify complex threats through machine learning analysis across data sources to highlight unusual activity.

Specialist Expertise

We can guide you on integrating our systems and on cyber-security in general. We provide proactive upgrade assistance when new features are available.

Dedicated support

Our team is on-hand to help you deploy, run and support our DLP & Security Analytics. Minimal resources are needed for maintenance.

  • The most expensive attacks are malicious insiders
    Ponemon Institute
    2017 Cost of Cyber Crime Study
  • Malicious Insider Incidents take longest to recover from
    Ponemon Institute
    2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study
  • Information theft remains the most expensive consequence of a cyber crime
    Ponemon Institute
    2017 Cost of Cyber Crime Study
  • 74% say it's likely their company failed to detect a data breach involving loss or theft of knowledge assets
    Ponemon Institute
    The Cyber Security Risk To Knowledge Assets, July 2016
  • Companies face a serious challenge in the protection of their knowledge assets. The good news is there are steps to take to reduce the risk
    Dr. Larry Ponemon
    Chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute
  • DLP Tech is thus far limited to prevent accidental data leaks and unimaginative data thieves only
    The Register regarding July 2017 Bupa health data breach
  • ''Coverage of data loss channels'' is the top weighted item in Forresters wave analysis of DLP suites, but even the leaders don't protect covert channels
    Trevor Watkins
    Founder, Data Border Ltd.
  • Insider threat represents one of the greatest challenges to businesses trying to stave off a constant barrage of cyber attacks

    Employees rank at the very top of the list of threats to data and systems. Their motivations are often hard to predict and anticipate, ranging from a desire for financial gain to disaffection, coercion and simple carelessness

    When insider-assisted attacks do occur, the impact of such attacks can be devastating as they provide a direct route to the most valuable information
    David Emm
    Principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab
  • Regardless of the technology in place to protect data, people still represent the biggest threat.
    Alex Ryskin
    IT director for the laser laboratories at the University of Rochester, NY.
  • DLP Suites Offer Centralized Policy Management But Are Often Slow To Innovate S&R pros can source all of their DLP capabilities from a single vendor ... but may still need another vendor for a new capability or channel
    Forrester Market Overview: Data Loss Prevention
    P10. 2016

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