Covert Channel Data Loss Prevention

Not all insiders are trustworthy

Information can make the difference between success and failure. Competitors getting your trade secrets gives them the advantage you have worked or invested to build.

Employees know the ideas & plans, sensitive data, designs & computer code. A disgruntled or outside influenced employee can work against the organisation, stealing & divulging information they have been trusted with. Pressurised work environments heighten the risk, as do redundancies, restructuring and economic pressure.

Insiders know what to take and how to use it.

Theft methods have evolved protection

... But

Regular data transfer methods are now well secured at the perimeter.

Systems even have some success predicting and detecting rogue insiders.
Determined Insiders have found ways to extract data through unorthodox, covert means.

Prevent Covert Channel Data Leaks

Covert Data Leaks

With unique patent-pending prevention of
screen, sound and system component data leakage
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More Background Information

Data Border

Prevent covert channel data leaks.
Detect rogue insiders & suspicious activity.

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