Cybersecurity Consulting

Operate Confidently

Security incidents will occur. Data Border brings leaders confidence that their organization is well-prepared. The Data Border methodology applies a results-focused approach implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. We apply insights, tools, and hands-on expertise developed protecting sophisticated, global companies. We streamline the methodology to core essentials for medium-sized organizations.

Plan: Security Assessment

A Security Review develops a strong, business-aligned defence plan. We start by mapping where business data and payment flows present risks, and model potential attacks. We apply threat intelligence to identify expected attacks and how an organization’s current state defence will respond. Capability gaps then guide designing future state defences. Our fact-based, structured approach effectively specifies vulnerabilities, re-mediation, and implementation

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Build: Threat Defence

Threat Defence builds and validates safeguards. We start with technical readiness: validating privileged user access, confirming logging and analytics, and assessing data loss prevention. We then implement controls and configuration across applications, databases, and infrastructure. Next, we focus on organizational capabilities including a business response plan, technical standard operating procedures, and regulatory and contract readiness. With these in place, we then conduct simulations to ensure that technology and process are fused effectively, with SOC/CIRT teams proven ready to repulse and contain incidents.

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Operate: SOC/CIRT Effectiveness

Organizations change and threats evolve. Security teams need to be challenged to reach and maintain a high performance edge. Data Border’s SOC effectiveness service ensures readiness to detect and respond, enables strong return on security investments, and effectively integrate the people and functions performing security processes.

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Counter: Incident Response

When incidents occur, Data Border can surge specialized expertise to augment your team. We advise clients on scoping, preserving, and handling evidence in a manner that supports potential investigation, litigation, or insurance claims. We bring host and network forensic expertise to identify indicators of compromise and determine business impact. After securing the network and evidence, we aid clients with continually improving technology and processes, as well as training and awareness across the organization.

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The Process

The Cybersecurity Cycle

We help organizations get started on the continuous cycle of improving and adapting their defences to address the risks appropriate to their business and the environment they operate in.

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