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Patent published by UKIPO

Some exciting news today: our UK patent process has completed after more than two and a half years working its way through drafting, application filing, review, searches, publication, examination to now finally being granted.

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International Patent Application Published

The World Intellectual Property Organinsation today published our international patent application under the patent cooperation treaty with International Publication Number 2019/073232 A1.

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Presentation at B-Sides MCR 2018

Today I presented "Side-Stepping DLP With Just A Browser" at BSides Manchester to raise awareness of how techniques that security researchers have uncovered to ex-filtrate data through covert channels can now easily be used by determined insiders to bypass DLP.

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Blackhat USA 2018

Blackhat USA 2018

I'm at the Blackhat USA conference this week to see some exciting briefings, particularly a few arsenal tools related to ex-filtrating data through covert channels similar to those Data Border protects corporate PCs against.

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Infosec 2018

One of the biggest gatherings of Cyber Security vendors is not to be missed. It's a little commercial in feel but none the less a useful source of information about what products are available in the market at the moment.

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IBM Ban USB Drives

IBM have placed a blanket ban on all employees from USB thumb drives. The move has divided opinion amongst experts about how effective it will be at reducing their risk profile.

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QR code used to snatch Bitcoins

The BBC today reported on how a QR-code shown on TV news was scanned and processed to capture the private key for a bitcoin wallet.

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Data Border goes Patent Pending

We are proud to announce that as of 11 October 2017, Data Border's techniques for preventing covert channel data leaks are patent pending (pending UK patent application no. 1716633.1).

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Our trip to BSides

Members of the Data Border team travelled to Manchester to immerse themselves in creative approaches to security. The BSides conference is a small and cosy one-day event that prides itself on being highly technical.

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