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B-Sides Manchester from our seat

Our trip to BSides

Members of the Data Border team travelled to Manchester to immerse themselves in creative approaches to security. The BSides conference is a small and cosy one-day event that prides itself on being highly technical.

Among the highlights for us was James Kettle's logical yet lateral thinking approach to attacking reverse proxies. As he put it - something you are used to looking through rather than interacting with directly;

"With a suitable payload, some reverse proxies can be manipulated into misrouting requests"

Since then James has been in the news a few times:-

We also liked 'A Year In The Red' by Dominic Chell and Vincent Yiu who demo'd how red team tactics are evolving beyond phishing to include a wider variety of methods by showing a couple of tools highlighting (and taking advantage of) vulnerabilities in linkedin, Office365 / lync and others which they had found by investigating and thinking laterally.

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Couldn't agree more - James' approach is an inspiration to try unusual to get ways around protections.

29 Aug 2017, 14:55 - Reply

It shows that even systems designed to be an important security boundary haven't had care and attention given to how they could be misused.

4 Sep 2017, 15:34 - Reply

Thanks - here's a link back to the conference material: B-Sides Official.

10 Sep 2017, 14:59 - Reply

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